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Bill payments
Credit Card Payments:
Credit card payments are easy at Sharaf Exchange. We accept payments for any UAE bank. Simply visit any of our branches and pay at the counter, or through the self-help kiosks.

Please call +971 4 355 4560 Or mail to
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Utility Payments:
Now, No More Waiting in the queue. Just come over to Sharaf Exchange, and pay your utility bills at our self-serving kiosk and experience comfort and zero stress.


Book & Pay:
We understand the anxiety of travel.  That’s why we’ve made it so easy. Just book your ticket through and pay at any of our outlets. Save money and effort with this extremely convenient method of payment and seat bookings.

Cash advance against credit card
In need of quick cash? Receive an advance against your credit card, corresponding to your credit limit at nominal fees. Visit any of our branches for this quick, easy service. Transactions will be subject to the terms and conditions of each credit card.

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
Mobile phone products
Time is essence. We understand the importance of mobile communication in your daily life. That’s why our branches are equipped to provide you with a host of mobile phone products and facilities.

• Sale of Wasel SIM cards
You can now buy SIM cards at any of our branches and stay connected.
• TalkMax
We offer international Mobile top-up. Now you can top up value on the mobile of your loved ones, in your home country at the most convenient rates. This service covers around 100 operators across continents.
Please call +971 4 355 4560 Or mail to
Or Visit our branches
Account Opening :
We cater for the large expatriate population working to earn and remit money to their respective countries by facilitating the opening of non-resident bank accounts in their respective countries.
This saves precious time and provides comfort and guidance to the working community who are in need of this service.

We work with leading banks in India, Bangladesh, Philippines and other countries to provide account opening support for these banks, as our commitment for the financial inclusion of expats in their home country.
If you would like to open a bank account in the above mentioned countries,
Please call +971 4 355 4560 Or mail to
Or Visit our branches
NOL & SALIK payments, SALIK purchases
As a Dubai resident, we want to make commuting a convenient and comfortable experience for you, be it with your own car or public transport. Now you can buy SALIK recharge cards or load your NOL cards for public transport through our branches.
Visit any of our branches and buy an NOL card for AED 20, and SALIK cards for AED 50, 100 or 200. You can also load your NOL card without any charge from our branches.
Please call +971 4 355 4560 Or mail to
Or Visit our branches
Labor guarantees
Labor Guarantee within 60 minutes.
When applying for an Employment Visa, the employer is required to submit a Labor Guarantee to the UAE Ministry of Labor. 
No worries! Sharaf Exchange issues this Labor guarantee in just 60 minutes. No commission charges, it’s a free service offered by Sharaf Exchange to you, our customer.
Visit a Sharaf Exchange branch with your Trade License Copy, Mol  ID number and make a hassle free payment for your Labor Guarantee at our counter.
Labor guarantee amount as per MOL x Number of Employees.
Within 60 minutes of payment, customer will receive the LG Certificate at the E-Mail ID provided.
Please call +971 4 355 4560 Or mail to
Or Visit our branches
PAN Card and MGPSY scheme for India

PAN Card :
Want to have a PAN card (Permanent Account Number)?  Visit any of the Sharaf Exchange branches and apply.
Your PAN card will be issued in India and couriered to you at the registered address provided in the application.
Mahatma Gandhi PravasiSurakshaYojana (MGPSY)

MGPSY is a specially designed social security scheme launched by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) for overseas Indian workers under ECR category working in the UAE and other ECR countries.
You can now visit any of the Sharaf Exchange branches and our experienced staff shall assist you in enrolling for MGPSY.
Please call +971 4 355 4560 Or mail to
Or Visit our branches
Social Security Scheme, Philhealth and MBGYN for Philippines

SSS (Social security system) :-

SSS is a social insurance program for workers in the Philippines. It is a government agency that provides retirement and health benefits to all enrolled employees in the Philippines. Members of the SSS can also take 'salary' or 'calamity' loans.
Enroll for SSS scheme in any of SSS accredited offices in UAE or in the Philippines and visit any of our branches to pay your monthly contribution.
Receive adequate housing through an effective savings scheme. The PAG-IBIG Fund harnesses these four sectors of Philippine society: financial institutions, the industrial sector, the government, and the Filipino people. The Fund was created to address two of the nation's basic concerns: (a) the generation of savings and (b) providing shelter for Filipino workers.
Enroll for PAG/IBIG from any accredited office in the UAE or the Philippines and visit any of our branches for paying your monthly contribution.
Philhealth (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation ) :-
Philhealth was created in 1995 to create a universal health coverage scheme for the Philippines. It is a tax-exempt, government-owned and government-controlled corporation (GOCC) of the Philippines, and is attached to the Department of Health. This social insurance program provides a means for the healthy to pay for the care of the sick and for those who can afford medical care to subsidize those who cannot. Both local and national government allocate funds to subsidize the indigent.
Enroll for Philhealth from any accredited office in the UAE or Philippines and visit any of our branches for paying your monthly contribution.
Please call +971 4 355 4560 Or mail to
Or Visit our branches
PhilSmile :-
Payment of fees to Schools, Colleges or Universities in the Philippines is now made easier through us.
PhilSmile is an education payment platform, enabling Overseas Filipinos (OFW) to pay for their kids’ education, directly to the educational institution.
Visit any of our branches to avail this service.
Please call +971 4 355 4560 Or mail to
Or Visit our branches


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