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Complete Guarantee. Zero Loss. Let us cover your money!!
With the Sharaf Exchange Buy Back Guarantee, return the balance of the currency you purchased from us, and we will exchange it at the purchase price. Complete peace of mind for you, with no worries on fluctuations and rate differences!!
Why Buy Back Guarantee?
It is difficult to determine how much foreign currency you are going to need when you are travelling. Oh and you don't want to worry about the exchange rates, excess charges and interest rates you would be charged on your credit card / Forex Card, we know!! Plus if you were to buy currencies, peace meal as you need, you run the risk of exchange rate changes, multiple charges and worse of all, running out of cash in unfamiliar territory!
Sharaf Exchange presents to you the perfect solution, where you needn’t predict accurately your expenses when you travel! Change the amount of currency you wish to carry and simply return the balance to us, upon your return, at ZERO loss!!
Simply walk into any Sharaf Exchange branches in the UAE and secure yourself with our Buy Back Guarantee. Upto 75% of the currency you purchase can be returned at the branch, within 30 days, at the same rate, no questions asked.
It is like you had changed just the perfect amount of currency you wished to spend on your trip! How cool is that?
Call TOLL FREE on 800-8111, Sunday – Thursday (8 am to 9 pm)
Claim your benefit now! See you soon.
Terms and Conditions:
  1. The guarantee is valid for 30 days from and including the date of transaction.
  2. This guarantee is non transferrable. The original guarantee transaction receipt along with the customer ID proof is mandatory for the redemption of the guarantee.
  3. Redemption of the guarantee is valid at the same branch that it was purchased.
  4. Sharaf Exchange reserves the right to decide the currencies that may be included in the Buy Back Guarantee program
  5. The redemption of guarantee is allowed only once per guarantee receipt. In order to have the ability to invoke guarantees for different currencies at different times, please purchase separate guarantees.
  6. Sharaf Exchange LLC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Buy Back Guarantee without any intimation. The revised terms shall be made available at
  7. Maximum equivalent amount of AED 20,000 per currency transaction type is allowed per guarantee receipt.
  8. Sharaf Exchange LLC reserves the right to withdraw the guarantee issued in the case of large swings in currency values, which are totally unpredicted / unprecedented which shall come under the ambit of Force Majeure in currency movements. This is to ensure that the product does not lead to speculation in currencies. In cases where the guarantee is withdrawn, BBG holders shall be refunded the Guarantee issuance charges on approaching any branch of Sharaf Exchange with a valid BBG Receipt and ID proof


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