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Welcome to Usrati, your world of unmatched benefits and support from Sharaf Exchange!
What is Usrati?
Usrati is Sharaf Exchange’s customer loyalty program. The word Usrati in Arabic means “My Family”. Right from the name, through its design, operation and management, Usrati offers benefits and support to every members, just as one would provide to members of one’s own family.
What benefits does Usrati provide?
Usrati benefits are currently provided across the below lines:

  1. Emergency Free Flight tickets for travel to Home country OR for a relative to travel from home country to the UAE.
  2. In case of hospitalization of the Usrati member, a return fight ticket for a person of your choice from your home country to be by your side, for a period of 15 days or more.
  3. Regular exclusive promotions, offers, raffles and surprises from Sharaf Exchange.
Grab your Usrati membership cards now! Visit the nearest branch of Sharaf Exchange to enroll. 
Initiate Benefits:
Follow the below steps to get complete access to Usrati benefits!!

  1. Visit your nearest Sharaf Exchange outlet 
  2. Ask to be enrolled into Usrati!
  3. You’re all set – just post a transaction with Sharaf Exchange once a month and you’re always covered as a loyal member of the Usrati family. 
Receive benefits:

  1. Ensure that you are a member of Usrati
  2. Perform your regular remittance or currency exchange transaction with Sharaf Exchange
  3. For transactions less than AED 20,000 in value, you shall receive 50 Usrati points and for transactions that are AED 20,000 or more, you shall receive 100 Usrati points.
How can I claim FREE TRANSACTIONS at Sharaf Exchange?
Usrati points can be redeemed to perform free or discounted remittance transactions to Bank accounts.

1. You can redeem 250 points for a full fee discount on Bank remittance transaction.
2. You can also redeem 175 points for a waiver of AED 10 on the charges for a Bank remittance transaction.
This gives you the flexibility to redeem at multiple levels, based on your own interest and convenience.

How does the Free Emergency Flight Tickets program work?
Sharaf Exchange is the pioneer exchange house in UAE to have introduced, for the first time ever, a free emergency flight ticket benefit. It is probably for the first time in the world, that a benefit like this has been rolled out for loyalty program members.
The benefit covers an active Usrati member, in 2 ways:

  1. It reimburses the expenses of your air travel to your home country and return, in the event of death of a family member. A family member means Spouse (18 – 64 years), parent & children of the Usrati member.
  2. It reimburses the expenses of air travel for a close relative from your home country to the UAE and return, in the event of an accident for you in the UAE, which requires continuous hospitalization of more than 15 days.
The above benefits can be claimed only one time within any 12 month period from the time of entering membership as long as the customer is an active Usrati Loyalty program member in line with the eligibility requirements.
Detailed terms and conditions, can be downloaded here (Terms and Conditions attached)
In order to claim the benefits, please follow the steps as detailed in the document that can be downloaded here.
The Claim form can be downloaded here
How can I be an Active member of Usrati?

  1. Once you sign up for Usrati, you are by default considered an active member
  2. We keep you active for 45 days from the date of last transaction or date of sign up.
  3. The points earned and the Insurance under which you are eligible for the Free Emergency Flight Tickets remain active and working during this time.
  4. Within the 45 day period, when you do a second transaction, the profile and all benefits continue you to remain active.
  5. If there hasn’t been any transaction within the 45 day period, then your profile becomes inactive. It remains so until 60 days without activity has reached.
  6. During the inactivity period, all your Usrati points, remain in your account, but cannot be used. The Insurance profile for Free Emergency Flight Tickets, also go into inactivity.
  7. If you do perform a transaction within this inactivity period, everything turns back to normal immediately.
  8. Once 60 days of inactivity has passed, then the profile becomes expired. In this scenario both the insurance and the points expire. There is no way to get the Usrati points back. As for the Insurance, Sharaf Exchange can at its discretion add you back into your 12 month cycle.
  9. So really it works like 0-45-60. It is very simple. But of course, we do not want you to be worried about all these details. Simply continue to do a transaction with Sharaf Exchange every 45 days and continue to enjoy all the Usrati benefits, without hiccups.
Have another query?
We are at your service. Please feel free to reach out at 800 8111 citing your Usrati membership number, which is printed on your card.


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